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Você desconfiaria que o iHeart é um talher biodegradável se eu não te contasse? O coração, ao ser desgrudado vira uma faca e um garfo – e se faz até de colher muitas vezes, é uma ótima alternativa para ser levado em bolsas, mochilas e viagens, além de ter um design lindo, útil e provocar um sorriso em quem usa. Com o conceito: “What do you heart?” muitas pessoas interagem em seu blog dizendo o que amam na vida e acabam enviando uma foto usando o seu iHeart. Legal, não? Adoramos! E você, “What do you heart?” <3

iHeart old maps. making fires. and nice teeth. iHeart the smell of oil. wooden boats. and cellphone-free sundays.  iHeart playing Chopin études. brass lamps. and sleeping with my boots on.

iHeart the first snowfall of the season. the smell of fresh brewed coffee. a good stretch. and i (really) Heart My brother’s new heart that gave him a second chance at life.

iHeart salty skin after a day at the beach. and afternoon naps in dappled sunlight.  iHeart  laughing my heart out with best friends. stuffing my face with delicious treats. and my new obsession, giving some love to my airplants.

iHeart watercoloring. fresh flowers. and the fried rice at Lovely Day.  iHeart zip cars. jersey bed sheets. and giant snowmen! iHeart Angora rabits. my fish patrick. and my Nicholas Oscoff. (he just asked her to marry him!!!)

iHeart falling asleep under pink skies. and waking up to a cuppa tea in bed on a sunday morning.  iHeart sinking my teeth into a crunchy Daim Bar. and my nose into a good book.


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